These lists of demands have been developed over the years as crucial systemic changes that can make life far more liveable for Black people. Crossed out demands have been achieved.



Monetary compensation for the families of victims of police violence, including (but not limited to) the family of Andrew Loku, Jermaine Carby, Abdirahman Abdi, Amleset Haile, Kwasi-Skene Peters, Marc Ekamba-Boekwa, D’Andre Campbell, Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Caleb Tubila Njoko, and Bony Jean-Pierre.

The adoption of the recommendations in the 2014 report by Frank Iacobucci, aimed at reducing fatal encounters with people in emotional distress.

A condemnation of Toronto Police’s excessive use of force and ongoing intimidation and harassment tactics against Black Lives Matter protesters.

The acknowledgment of the existence of anti-Black Racism and white privilege in the governance and policing of this city by all elected officials in the city of Toronto.

A reversal to all city-mandated changes imposed on Afrofest, including its restoration to a 2-day festival


The immediate public release of the subject officer(s)’ name(s) who murdered Jermaine Carby

The immediate public release of the subject officer(s)’ name(s) who murdered Mark Ekamba

The immediate public release of the subject officer(s)’ name(s) who murdered Andrew Loku

The immediate public release of the subject officer(s)’ name(s) who murdered Alex Wettlaufer

A reopening of the investigation into the death of Sumaya Dalmar.

Charges to be laid on subject officers who murder civilians.

A confirmation that the subject officers who murder civilians are no longer working the streets.

A public apology from the Mayor, Chief of Police and the Toronto Police Department to the families of the people mentioned above and broader community.

Monetary compensation for the families of the people mentioned above.

The immediate and public release of any video footage from the apartment complex where Andrew Loku was murdered, and any other video footage that exists following the killing of a civilian by the police.

the cessation of the increased militarization of all municipal, provincial and federal police forces.

An acknowledgement and public apology from the federal government for their complicity in the continued over policing and intentional, increased incarceration of Black* and Indigenous communities in Toronto.

A commitment to the full elimination of carding, including: the deletion of all previously recorded data, reframing of regulations to prohibitions, consistent implementation policy amongst different police boards, and concrete disciplinary measures for officers who continue to card.


The creation of a Toronto District School Board-wide policy ensuring that uniform codes and practices do not violate the human rights of students.

The removal of Tracey Barnes as principal of Amesbury Middle School pending a public apology for her actions.

The implementation of anti-racist training to be mandated at all levels of the Toronto District School Board

A public apology by Superintendent Glenford Duffus, and Director Donna Quan Toronto to Kaysie Quansah, her sister and her niece; to the students of Amesbury Middle School, and to the public for his silence and inaction to the racist body-shaming of a Black child by her principal.

Public apologies issues to children and families of children who have experienced abuse or violence from police officers on school property within the Toronto District (TDSB), Toronto Catholic (TCDSB), and Peel District School Boards (PDSB).

The acknowledgement that there is an overall context of Anti-Black racism and classism within the school board.

The creation of community healing space for Black-identified students in TDSB schools who have experienced anti-racist violence in the school board through harassment by staff and administration.

The creation of a Black students’ council to advise the board on issues such as:

anti-Black racism by staff and administration

widespread student disengagement

culturally inappropriate framing of the curriculum

standardized tests used by the Ministry of Education in Ontario.

The financial prioritization of community-determined initiatives to address high push-out rates of Black students within the TDSB.

Appropriate allocation of material and human resources to the Africentric Alternative School, the Leonard Braithwaithe Program at Winston Churchill Collegiate and the Africentric Program at Downsview Secondary School.

Divestment and defunding of the School Resource officer program, Youth Education Officers, and of police in schools, to ensure an environment safe from intimidation, harassment and violence towards students.

The creation of representative district level advisory boards comprised of Black parents, Black students, Black community members, and Black community organizers.  Without the approval of these advisory boards, no Black student in the Toronto District School Board should face suspensions, expulsions, or placement in a behavioural or Section 23 program.

Adequate support (including financial support) of any community-determined educational programs created to address the achievement gap for Black students in the Toronto District School Board.  Adequate support for any community-determined educational programs prioritizing the emotional well-being of Black students, prioritizing programs with an intersectional lens addressing anti-Black racism in conjunction with colonialism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, abelism, xenophobia, and other systemic oppressions that contribute to the violence inflicted on Black communities.


Continued space, including stage and tents, funding and logistical support for Black Queer Youth.

Self-determination for all community spaces at Pride, allowing community groups full control over hiring, content and structure of their stages.

Full and adequate funding for community stages, including logistical, technical and personnel support.

Doubling of funding for Blockorama to $13,000.

Reinstatement of the South Asian stage.

Prioritizing of the hiring of Black transwomen, Indigenous people and others from vulnerable communities at Pride Toronto.

More Black deaf and hearing sign language interpreters for the festival.

Removal of police floats in the Pride marches and parades.

A town hall organized in conjunction with groups from marginalized communities, including but not limited to Black Lives Matter – Toronto, Blackness Yes and Black Queer Youth, in six months, where Pride Toronto will present an update and action plan on BLM-TO’s demands


The Canadian government must make an immediate public condemnation of the executive order by President Trump that bans Muslim visa-holders from seven countries and also bans all refugees from entering the US.

Canada must immediately open the Canada-USA border. This includes revocation of the Safe Third Country Agreement which bars most refugee claimants entering from the United States over land to claim asylum in Canada. The Designated Country of Origin list, which makes it almost impossible for US citizens and citizens of forty other countries to claim asylum in Canada, must be eliminated.

Canada must end racist, anti-refugee, anti-Black, Islamophobic exclusion of migrants and refugees within this colonial border. This includes ending the system of indefinite immigration detention. The federal government must create a regularization program so that all undocumented residents can live here with their families rather than fear mass deportation. Migrant workers in Canada must also be given permanent status and open work permits. We want real, not symbolic, Sanctuaries that guarantee access to services and refuse collaboration with Canadian and American border agents.

Canada must rescind all federal legislation that attacks racialized Black and Brown Muslims and refugees, including the Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act as well as anti-terror legislation such as Security Certificates and Bill C51.