Legal Resources

The number one thing that community members contact us for is legal support. While we may not have all the expertise within our group of grassroots activists, we do know of some legal resources you can access. Thank you to the lawyers who helped us to put this list together.

Option 1: Community Legal Clinics

Here is a list of Legal Aid Ontario-funded legal clinics across Ontario. The Black Legal Action Centre focuses on providing support for Black people living in Ontario.

Option 2: Specialty Clinics

Here is a list of Legal Aid Ontario-funded speciality clinics.

Option 3: Government Agency Advocacy Organizations

  1. Justice for Children and Youth
  2. Human Rights Legal Support Centre
  3. Family Law Services Centre

Option 4: Independent Community-Specific Legal Services

  1. The Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic (for women who are survivors of domestic violence)
  2. Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
  3. Centre Francophone – Legal Services

Option 5: General Probono Legal Services

  2. Law Society Referral Service
  3. Probono Law Ontario

Option 6: Community-Based Legal Advocacy Organizations

  1. Law Union of Ontario
  2. Osgoode Society Against Institutional Injustice
  3. Urban Alliance on Race Relations